Sleep and catching up the housework

Oh, wonderful sleep!

I’ve had trouble sleeping at night because of working night shift. Each friday I come home from work and pamper myself madly hoping I’ll be able to sleep; but it’s a bit of a fruitless exercise, much like hoping a dayshift worker could sleep for the night from 2pm – just not going to happen!

So, I’m turning into a reclusive nightshifter temporarily to save myself from my own temper tantrums. There’s no use in trying to sleep when my body thinks it daytime.

I have started doing what the FLYlady calls getting started. Just do one thing at once. I’ve cleared the hotspot on the settee and folded up the futon and I’ve got the washing going, I think that’ll do for now, and the rest can happen tomorrow; including enough washing up to get some baking done.

There’s washing to hang, it’s going on the washing line for the first time this year, then I’m going to enjoy a DVD before heading anywhere near bed. 6am is early enough to try to sleep I think.

Sleep well!

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