Midnight teabreak

Have you ever gone outside at three in the morning? Most people don’t by simple virtue of the fact that they are asleep, or if they do it’s because it is Saturday morning and they have spent the evening washing away the horrors of a week at work.

However. I took my Big Mug Of Tea outside for my 3am teabreak (the joys of nightshift) and was astounded all over again but how lovely it is to be outside when no one else is. There’s a quietness, peace I think is more the word I’m after here.

Navy blue sky because at this time of year it’s not anything like light yet. A light breeze just to freshen the face that could have been sent exactly on purpose, a couple of rabbits grazing (is that the right word for rabbits?) not far away, and most important of all, no one else! It was beautiful, just felt like everything was resting, there was no stress and it was fine to relax for a few minutes.

This is not a new idea to me to be honest. I am a night owl and have been for many years. The best nights are the clear ones with not much wind, where you can go outside and sit in your garden chair with your tea or coffee and just what the stars do their thing while you watch.

I really enjoy the wildlife too, sometimes I’ll see our local fox patroling his beat, sometimes it’ll be the owl from the allotments letting everyone know he’s around, once in a while I’ll see a bat, and if I’m really late (or early) I’ll hear the birds tuning up for the morning.

It really is a special time of day, the middle of the night, kind of sacred to night owls like me and to nature by simple virtue of the fact that everyone else is in bed.

One final thing, do go out and watch the stars some night soon, they are something else!

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One thought on “Midnight teabreak

  1. Cottage Smallholder

    I’m often up at night too.

    It’s a special time. Calm and quiet in a way but full of noises too. This is the time when owls and mice and rats are hunting.

    The stars on a clear night are dazzling. Especially out here in the country with so little extra light.

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