The Journey

I’ve been working at losing weight for over a year now. In fact, if I’m honest, I’ve been fighting with my weight for years. I’d lose a few pounds, lose one or two more, and stop there before gaining again.

So I’d start comfort eating to forget how miserable I was and you’ve guessed it – I’d gain again!

Finally, at some six and a half stone overweight, a friend suggested I read “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and that saved me. She told me that I could eat anything I wanted – in moderation. She told me it was important to get moving, get exercise, use the stairs, drink plenty of water.

In 18 months I’ve lost two and a half stone, a dress size and a half (from 20-22 down to 16-18); and the weight continues to come off, and it feels like no effort at all.

Mind you, when I look back to what I used to eat, I have made some big changes. I bake bread rather than buying it (it’s cheaper to bake it as well). I’ve stopped buying biscuits and cakes, if I want to eat something of this nature, I’ll bake it, and chances are it’ll be better for me. I went from sugar to sweetner. I stopped buying crisps routinely – if I really want a bag of crisps, I’ll buy one and eat them, but no more multipacks. Likewise chocolate. I still eat it, but I don’t buy it and keep it in the house; however, drinking chocolate is readily available and if I really need a fast chocolate fix, that’s what I have.

A large part of my origninal problem was that I was unhappy and I was comfort eating without realising. When I did finally find out what I was doing I was able to deal with the emotional pain and hunger and as a result the block on the ability to lose phyisical weight dissppeared.

I did have a series of blood tests to rule out any illnesses, and they all came back clear. I was offered medication, but had to lose some weight by myself first, to prove that I wanted to do it. By the time I’d done that I didn’t want medication “because it won’t help me learn good habits really, will it?”

Posting on You Can Do It Diet Support was a great help too. Help, support, advice, and a public place to record whether I’d lost or gained that week!

I think I’ll step off the soapbox now, before I fall off! Have a great week people!

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