In the quest to understand "me"

32 years later, I still don’t “get” me.

I love people, and helping people, and anything I do that will benefit someone else gets done really well; but when it comes to something for me, forget it! I can cook, and I suspect the only reason I do that well, is that Like it or not, I have to eat.

Before I continue here, let me state, I’m certain I’m not depressed.

My home is a bombsite. It’s only truly tidy when someone’s coming to visit and returns to it’s bombsite status within a week.

My garden? well, apart from when I sit in it in summer, it’s an overgrown weedpatch, and even in summer the barest miminium gets done.

Am I an oddity, or do other people feel this way too? I’m just thoroughly confused as to how I can work myself to the bone caring for people and yet not be able to do things that mean I’m caring for me.

Got to go to work now, but this has been pestering at me all weekend. I want to understand myself a bit better, do things that will benefit me and not just because someone else needs it done.

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One thought on “In the quest to understand "me"

  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes people just need insentives to do things, like when you tidy due to visitors coming. You enjoy being on the pc and chatting to folk, you cannot be doing that and doing all the housework etc that you are worrying about not doing. Just because you believe your house/garden is untidy does not mean you are not caring for yourself. The fact you are communicating with the outside world via the internet means you are caring for yourself as you are a person who needs people. When you have a reason to keep your house etc tidy (boyfriend, lover….)you will do so without even thinking about it. Until then do not worry, I know lots of other folk that live just the same way that you do. : )

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