Sad, deflated I suppose…

I’m so disappointed. I really wanted – and still do want – to get out and dig something, grow something, watch it happen and marvel at it all.

I’ve been told I have to go on the waiting list. That meanie Person at the Office lied to me, and I hate him without even knowing his name! I truly thought I’d be able to get going virtually straight away. I’d been out hunting up prices for stuff I thought I might need, and I was riding such a wave of anticipation, and it just isn’t going to happen yet.

Sigh. My garden is truly not big enough or protected sufficently from marauding people to consider growing anything except flowers and herbs; besides which the soil is barely good enough for grass. All the nice flowers are growing in pots!

I’ll make a start on getting the garden looking how I’d like it to be and hopefully by the time I’m happy with it I’ll be able to get the fork into an allotment. At least I know how I want the garen to look. A bit of grass with lots of scented old fashioned stuff around it, and just enough space for the washing line in the middle.

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One thought on “Sad, deflated I suppose…

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Rach.

    Don’t worry about it. Just because it a good idea everyone wants to do it…as long as ur name is on their list you’ll get one…just takes time..

    Love u


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